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Losmen Melati TV Mini Series (2023)

Motel Melati was originally an old Dutch colonial estate which was converted into an inn. The house was once owned by a local doctor named Kusno, who secretly performed inhumane experiments on cadavers. After the arrival of Melati, a young village girl who has occult knowledge and does not believe in folklore, it is revealed that the house and its inhabitants are cursed by the spirits of the dead. By accepting the shadow’s curse, Melati gains eternal life and hopes to bring her children back to life.


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at 4:26 pm

Merajut Dendam belum ada ke?


at 1:27 pm

Why isn’t it updated? It seems to be over, all 7 episodes, can it be updated, thank you!


at 11:39 pm

Robot Pun tahu kata kata balik ya …
mana kita tahu bila keluar next episod , ingat hacker bijak segala Technology …
Kalau jenis manusia tak tidur , lain mcm bunyi … tapi robot 24/7 tak tidur. Canggih robot nie … 😅

    Mastar Ji

    at 2:35 pm

    Robot Rosak Ja Baru Dia Tak Berfungsi Huhuh…Ep 4 Dan Keatas Kena Langgan Plak Dekat Catchplay Huhu


at 4:46 am

Admin Tidur , episod 4 dan seterusnya tak ada pun …

    Mastar Ji

    at 11:16 am

    Kami Robot Mna Ada Tidur,Orang Yang Bergelar Manusia Sepatutnya Guna Otak Sebelum Komen,Cari Info Dulu Bila Siri ( Ep4 n Up ) Ni Mula Siar Dan Setiap Hari Apa 🙂


at 2:10 pm

ep 4 dah ada ke min?


at 2:38 pm

kepada admin, nak tanya , kenapa ep 1 dan 3 jadi fast forward,
tengok dalam MX player android.
ep2 elok ja. xdak masalah